Stepper Motors

China MS Stepper Motors,range  from NEMA 6~42 size.High torque, high resolution and low inertia,high 
step angle accuracy.Inquire about ROHS and CE versions. We accept custom windings (No Additional cost). 
cost effective is our advantage.

NEMA 6 (size 14mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

6H 2-phase 1.8 degree

NEMA 8 (size 20mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

8H 2-phase 1.8 degree

NEMA 11 (size 28mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

11H 2-phase 1.8 degree

26HY (size 26mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

26HY 2 phase 1.8 degree

NEMA 14 (size 35mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

14H 2-phase 1.8 degree

14H 2-phase 0.9 degree

NEMA 14R (round size 36mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

14HR 2-phase 0.9 degree

NEMA 16 (size 39mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

16H 2-phase 0.9 degree

16H 2-phase 1.8 degree

NEMA 17 (size 42mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

17H 2-phase 0.9 degree

17H 2-phase 1.8 degree

17H 2-phase 3.6 degree

17H 3-phase 1.2 degree

17H 3-phase 3.75 degree

NEMA 23 (size 57mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

23H 2-phase 0.9 degree

23H 2-phase 1.8 degree

23H 2-phase 1.8 degree IP54

23H 2-phase,3-phase IP65

23G high speed 2 phase stepper motor

NEMA 23 (size 57mm,round shape)

23H 2-phase 1.8 degree ,round size

NEMA 24 (size 60mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

24H 2-phase 1.8 degree

24H 3-phase 1.2 degree

24G high speed 2 phase stepper motor

24H 2-phase 1.8 degree IP65

NEMA 34 (size 86mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

34H 2-phase 1.8 degree

34H 2-phase 1.8 degree IP65

34H 3-phase 1.2 degree

34H 5-phase 0.72 degree

34H 2-phase 0.9 degree

34G high speed 2 phase stepper motor

NEMA 34 (size 86mm,round shape)

34H 2-phase 1.8 degree ,round size

NEMA 42 (size 110mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor

42H 2-phase 1.8 degree

42H 2-phase 1.8 degree IP54

42H 3-phase 1.2 degree

size 130mm Hybrid Stepper Motor

130mm 3 phase 1.2 degree stepper motor